EMAAR Urban Oasis

EMAAR one of the reputed and trusted builders with mega experience in the real estate sector has never failed to bring impressive and futuristic projects in different areas where every project turns into a masterpiece serving families a happy & content living.

This time with a futuristic approach and novel designs they are adding up their new residential project “EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon ” located in sector 62 serving quality life and creating dream into reality.

EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon

BRANDED HOUSING- Builder ensures the true feeal of luxury and international lifestyle, and this is possible when you opt for top notch builder like EMAAR founded in 1997 and since they have been turning up the lifestyle by providing quality and mega lifestyle by serving the cream of the crop housing just like EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon sector 62.

PREMIUM HOUSING- This is one of the premium societies in Gurgaon by EMAAR serving ultra luxury flats to cherish its new designs, interesting floor plan and high rise living experience, and as it a gated community so here the residents will be accessing its modern amenities and services inside the housing.

So the comfort of gated community can be experienced here in EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon to give your family a better space to grow because the society matters a lot when it comes for child’s grow, so here they will have leeway to engage with others, play & have thrill and while staying inside they can access to everything anytime.

ROBUST DEVELOPMENT- It is not just about going luxury, but it is also about moving to a robust home where strong construction and quality material makes the building strong enough to fight to any nature calamity, so the EMAAR builder ensures such quality to your home where you can experience a worry free construction.

IDEAL HOME TYPE- EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon project offers 3 BHK apartment scattered over 2400 Sq Ft area which is good enough for to experience ample space, and its high design and attractive floor plan ensures maximum utility of the space, and even right flow of ventilation, sun filled rooms, privacy and comfort in every unit makes it an ideal space to live in and cherish its cream of the crop space.

MEGA PROJECT- This new housing is planned over 9.2 acres along with 4 towers, and the right planning and execution ensures premium vibes and comfort inside it. And rest of the area is covered with greenery to maintain the right balance with nature and offer an active and vibrant living atmosphere.

STRUCTURE- With its G+25 structure it offers a panoramic view of the city where the beauty of the site is an add on to enjoy while you have a cup of tea, and total it comes with 4 towers with the same structure, and all are planned on each of the corner to get proper ventilation and uninterrupted view of the surroundings.

CORNER PLOTS- All the towers here in EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon is placed at the corner so that it offers am uninterrupted view from every flat, and then proper cross ventilation system and fall of sunlight makes it a fresh and bright space to live, so the planning is well done to have equal respect in every apartment.

BUNCH OF MODERN AMENITIES- The site is incomplete without its modern amenities, so for you, the site comes with every feature inside to bring families together and let them cherish every moment and stay active.

BREAK THE SEDANTARY LIFESTLYE- The above mentioned amenity in the project breaks the sedentary lifestyle because now you have different amenities to improve the activities and instead of being a couch potato better to plan your leisure time by engaging in different options such as sports area, play area, jogging track, gym, sitting area to soak sunlight and the freshness.

POLLUTANT FREE ENVIRONMENT- The major area is covered with greenery to get a pollutant free environment, and for this, a series of trees, water bodies and different attractive and fragrant plants to add the real time beauty to the site and create a strong connection with nature because the idea is not just to boost the beauty of the site, but to create a healthy environment and let the residents feel active and energetic for longer.

Those who stay inside a healthy environment are more active and refreshed and this way it ensures an optimistic mind and body.

PROPER SECURITY SYSTEM- Security is considered as a major and important concern for home buyers, so for this, EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon ensures full safety by serving CCTV cameras at all important spots, availability of guards at every gate, regular patrolling, boom barrier to avoid the unwanted visit, security check and lots more to create a fret free living ambience.

If you are stuck because of the long working hours, then also you don’t have to worry about your kids because this secured gated housing keeps everyone 100 per cent secured and content.

CONTROL ON IN & OUT- With the presence of guard at every gate they ensure a complete control on the visitors coming in and going out, and other than this, video door and entry call curtails the risk for any discomfort, so its well planning improves the security inside the community.

Even for the household daily entry and exit will ensure friendly living to keep the stress level at bay.

BASICS FOR BETTER LIVING- With luxury basic is important too where 24*7 power and water back up, ample car parking space, on call plumber and electrician and lots make the living super easy and comfortable for you.

So for a complete experience, the site is fully planned and wrapped with everything to boost the lifestyle and create a mini world inside for you.

LUXURY EXPERIENCE- So with all above benefits EMAAR ensures luxury experience to the families seeking for a life changing experience and also to serve a complete home space at a single place. And luxury defines freshness, comfort, privacy and newness, so everything you could experience in the new housing by EMAAR.

PART OF PLANNED SECTOR- This new project is situated in sector 62 Gurgaon with easy access from Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) and also Golf Course Extension Road making connectivity way easier and possible to connect to every sector of Gurgaon. Even its closeness to 55 metro station further improves the connectivity and present a comfortable and well planned travelling option to connect to Gurgaon as well as Delhi.

Apart from this, its closeness to employment hubs makes it easier for the residents to commute and avoid a heavy rush of traffic. And for better livability, the sector is rated 3.8/5 on the basis of its environment (neighborhood, roads, safety and cleanliness), commuting (Public transport, traffic, connectivity, parking) and places of interest (Hospital, school, market, restaurant and more)
And quick access to the gym, grocery store, retail shops, mall, school, hospital, clinic and restaurant to have an easy peasy living around.

EASY ACCESS TO- So its developed locality opens up easy access to the main spots such as: -

GOOD RENTAL- Such premium property always ensures good rental because of its high demand, so for investors it is a lucrative deal to seal where firstly, they will again good rental and then it promise better appreciation which means having a cake and it is too.

PICTURE OF GURGAON- Gurgaon is already a preferable location creating heaps of job opportunities where professionals and the young generation seek for a comfortable and luxurious home space wrapped with all modern features and services.

Here you get a different vibes and high street experience where mega malls, clubs, international restaurants and even more promise a different premium living experience. And this has directly escalated the demand for residential projects, and this is the reason here you will find out heaps of modern projects packed with all modern amenities & advanced security systems which comes out an alluring reason to be in the project.

So the picture of Gurgaon is most attractive and improved because of the high availability of residential options in order to promote an international lifestyle, so if you want to create the right balance between your work and life, then nothing could be better than this.

APPRECIATION- This sector has seen an appreciation of 1.80 per cent that showcases the increase the property and improves the demand for residential projects, and this is simply because of the high availability of modern projects and then its connectivity to all the major areas of Gurgaon.

FUTURE GROWTH- More projects are going to be added in this sector with better connectivity and high availability of the daily needs to bring a comfortable lifestyle, so this is going to push up the demand for the residential projects and again this is going to compel the builders to come up the next level futuristic luxury homes.

So this way your existing investment will multiply your capital with a high monthly rental.


EMAAR Urban Oasis Gurgaon is the property for future showcases the new level lifestyle where its complete housing experience bring families together to experience the real side of international life where from advance amenities, security system, green ambience to high rise living experience everything together makes it a happy address which has nothing to repent about, so now is the time when you can move to mega and premium housing located in the heart of Gurgaon where both personal and professional life is easy to manage.

Apart from this, from the investment point of view, this sector ensures better ROI and monthly rental which means you can add extra income to your pocket and be a part of the progressing property which has everything to impress the generations which means the project is going to an easy candy for the upcoming buyers.